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Best VPN for Windows 10

VPN a.k.a. virtual private network is a service that protects and hides your IP address. Here’s the concept behind VPN services. All traffic that comes from your computer or mobile gizmo to a website gets cloaked. Thanks to the encryption the VPN for Windows and other platforms provides, your Google search requests and browser history become basically invisible.

Imagine that you’re driving a car. You suddenly spot a black van trailing you. In this context, VPN is a safe tunnel, where no suspicious vans are allowed. You can safely drive through and even change a car for free. So, when you exit the tunnel, villains won’t identify you. That’s basically a trick that VPN for Windows 10 or iOS 11 does.

It prevents spies, hackers and shady advertisers from snatching your data. Even a cheap VPN can sabotage the so-called man-in-the-middle attack. It’s a classic online scheme that involves illegal data interception.

Especially dangerous this malicious tactic is to travelers and people who enjoy using free Wi-Fi. In the first case, a hotel or airport hotspot may be vulnerable to attacks. In the second, cybercriminals create a fake network like coffeeshop_wifi only to nick your sensitive data.

E-villains can do more tangible harm. Each time you google a website, you make a DNS request. It’s a number of abracadabra symbols that only computers understand. Using this address, an attacker can do a DNS-poisoning — redirecting you to a phishing page. In turn, you risk losing passwords, credit card pin-code, etc.

And you’re not entirely safe at home either. Your internet service provider can legally collect your browser history and sell it to the 3d party. Needless to say how alarming it is to your privacy. So, if you don’t feel safe at your desktop anymore — free VPN for Windows 10 could be an answer.

Another issue a free VPN for Windows, Mac and Linux can solve is geo-blocked content. Sometimes, you can’t watch a show from a different country due to this policy. Not all US shows are available in Canada. And Americans can’t access some European programs — especially sports. VPN download is like a magic wand in this case.

So, here is what a downloadable VPN can do for you:
  • Make your traveling safer.
  • Unlock geo-blocked content.
  • Minimize risks of your data getting stolen.
  • Keep your online habits and browser history shielded.
As you can see, it’s an impressive tool.
April 13, 2020
Windows 10 VPN

Free VPN vs. paid VPN

You sure can find a free service with decent functionality. Sadly, even the best free VPN puts severe limitations on your workflow:
  • Servers. Subscription brings servers located in many countries: from Malta and Israel to the US and UK. Meanwhile, what the best VPN for free can is offer 2-3 countries tops.
  • Speed. By adding an extra layer of security, VPN slows the connection down. A free service may decrease bandwidth even worse due to server overload. This is especially true for Windows 10 VPN.
  • Time. Most of the free networks set a daily time limit.
Try free service yourself. It does have beneficial features. But soon you’ll realize that it takes a toll on your productivity. And precious time can’t be wasted!

Can you trust a VPN?

You should trust yourself only. As for a VPN, there are Terms & Conditions to read. A good, reliable service will never sell any of your data to greedy corporations or violate your privacy in any other way. Because it values both your security and its own reputation.

But if you still have doubts, think about this: why are VPNs so popular in countries with oppressive Internet policy? Because users trust them when it comes to breaching unfair online barriers. And they feel safe when doing so.

Powerful & universal

Private networks are available on every platform in existence. You’re not limited to your laptop/PC only. No, from Windows VPN to Android, iOS and even Blackberry — all of them are at your service. Besides, after paying for a subscription, you can use it on multiples devices at the same time. For the same price.

FAQ about VPN on Windows 10

So how does a VPN pay off again?

It can protect you from mass data collection. You’re a guinea pig to be lab-studied by advertisers. If you’re running an online business, VPN can do even more for you. Medium DDoS attacks won’t be able to knock your e-store, website or a client-support out.

Do paid VPNs make money off advertising?

No, they don’t. In fact, if you’re sick and tired of targeted ads — download VPN. Its smokescreen won’t let them see which tea brand or paper towels you prefer. Consequently, there’ll be no pesky ads that make you feel like a lab mouse under a microscope.

Does it make me invulnerable online?

Not exactly. A VPN can minimize dangers dramatically. But you can’t neglect having an antivirus and zero trust for scammy websites. Cybercriminals can try to trick you into downloading ransomware or disclosing vital info like a credit card number. VPN can sabotage attacks, but it won’t replace common sense.

How do I choose the best VPN?

If a VPN service has positive reviews and a solid reputation built over the years — this is a good sign. But there’s no better indicator than a personal impression. Almost all paid VPNs offer a trial period. Sign up for it to check its geographic diversity, Mbps speed, etc.

And don’t forget another nuance: how many devices can be connected via a single account? The more the merrier! VPN Windows 10 will protect your work PC. But there are also your children’s gadgets, your own phone and the Wi-Fi router that controls the smart home. Protect them too.

Is there a way to test VPN’s speed? I’m not tech-savvy much, btw.

Not to worry. A service like Ookla will help you measure speed. Run the VPN first, the hit Ookla’s GO button, and voilà. You will get such metrics as ping, location and download/upload Mbps speed.

Can I use it to watch Netflix, Hulu, and other services?

Absolutely. But you should know that Netflix actively sniffs for IP addresses provided by VPN and bans them. That means that many of the free servers won’t give you access to your favorite shows.

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